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Worldwide Travel Insurance

Many of us would like to see as much of the world as we can and TripSecure.co.uk can offer you worldwide travel insurance wherever in the world you choose to explore, without expensive insurance premiums cutting into your holiday budget.

We offer 6 geographic regions of cover, with 2 worldwide options. Worldwide 1 covers anywhere in the world except USA, Canada and the Caribbean, while Worldwide 2 covers anywhere including USA, Canada and Caribbean.

So you can rest easy as you travel the world and explore new places and cultures, safe in the knowledge you’ll be covered by a trusted insurer.

Travel Insurance Over 65

We at TripSecure.co.uk understand how difficult it can be to obtain travel insurance over 65, when health issues can become a problem. At TripSecure.co.uk, we don’t believe age should be a barrier to travel. We can arrange travel insurance for anyone over 65 up to the age of 85, covering a range of medical conditions so you can feel free to travel. Should the worst happen, you will have the peace of mind that you are in the safest of hands.

If you do have a medical condition, in most cases you can receive an instant quote from our system allowing you to be free to start planning your trip straight away.

With our 24 hour medical assistance helpline, you have a team of medical experts on standby, ready, should the worst occur. They will be able to advise you what to do, where to go and most importantly assure you that you are not alone!

Single Trip Travel Insurance

Maybe you’re off on a last minute holiday or a long awaited treat? You can purchase single trip travel insurance from TripSecure.co.uk with no obligations once your trip is over. We supply quick, easy and simple cover without the unnecessary paperwork or stress. Your documents will be emailed across at the point of sale, to allow you to go off and enjoy your holiday with no waiting around for post and reams of information.

You won’t be tied down and the price of cover will be tailored to the single trip, wherever it may be, whatever you plan to do.

Backpacker Travel Insurance

When you’re off exploring the various corners of the world, living from the contents of your backpack with a will for adventure, it’s important to be covered for any occurrence. As enlightening as it is to explore new countries and cultures, it does hold risks and you don’t want to be out of pocket when cash may already be limited.

Our backpacker travel insurance can cover against missed departure and legal expenses so you won’t find yourself stranded in an unfamiliar foreign country.

We at TripSecure.co.uk believe it’s important to be able to enjoy your trip, with peace of mind knowing that you’re covered whatever adventures you get yourself into. We cover a range of activities so you can feel free to enjoy your once in a lifetime experience.

Holiday Travel Insurance

Whatever your type of holiday, wherever you are going, obtaining a quote from us is quick and easy. Simply fill in some basic details, select the level of cover you require and receive an instant quotation. No long forms to fill in, no medical reports needed, just a few questions and you’re covered! Should your circumstances be of a more complicated nature simply contact our UK based customer advisors on 020 8903 9754.

Here at TripSecure.co.uk we believe you should be free to travel the world and not be restricted by existing medical conditions, age or thrill for adventure. We also believe you shouldn’t be hit with high holiday travel insurance premiums because of any of these things either. Insuring with us is fast, easy and simple. No hidden fees, you’ll get a quote within minutes and know where you stand.

Multi-trip Travel Insurance

If you have more than one trip planned in a year, our multi-trip travel insurance could work out a cheaper option. By setting up annual trip cover, you can cover multiple trips at once without having to worry about cover again (unless you need to make a claim). You’ll also save money by covering them all at once rather than insuring separate holidays, leaving you to look forward to your upcoming trips, without travel insurance playing on your mind.

Winter Sports Insurance

If you enjoy hitting the slopes for ski season, it’s important to be covered for a number of possible eventualities. Nobody wants a long awaited ski trip ruined because of lost or stolen equipment. Our winter sports insurance can cover equipment up to 60 months old and cover the cost of hiring equipment if yours is delayed on your outward journey for at least 24 hours.

Enjoying a holiday where snow and ice is a prevalent factor does have its risks. You can enjoy your ski holiday safe in the knowledge you will be covered against accidents or medical bills, should you get in trouble on the slopes.

Sports Travel Insurance

From horse riding to white water rafting, our sports travel insurance has it all covered. We can include a range of activities, many of which are standard under our policies. So if you’re intrigued by a supervised event, session or excursion on your trip, you can take part with the knowledge that you’re covered should the unexpected become a reality. Just consult our policy wording to obtain a full list of all the sports we cover.

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